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Proposed Rules for Study Visa/Permit from Jan 2014

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Recently, Citizenship & Immigration Canada has proposed some changes in International Student Visa Program for Jan 2014 intake onwards as mentioned below:

A lot of prospective International Students who are planning to study in Canada are worried about the proposed changes in the Study Permit in Canada from Jan 2014, but the truth is that there are more positive changes than negative in favor of the students. There is absolutely nothing to worry about for genuine students who are attending regular classes in Public & reputed Private educational institutions in Canada. Below are the proposed changes which will further improve the quality of International Student Program once it is implemented in Jan 2014:

  • Attendance: All International Students will be required to register & regularly attend the educational institution in Canada for which their Study Visa has been granted, failing to which will make their status in Canada as illegal.

  • Handpicked Institutions: Not all Canadian educational institutions will be able to enroll international students after Jan 2014, only those institutions approved by Canadian Government will be able to receive Study Permit holders. This will filter out the some of the private institutions which are bogus & unethical which will further safe guard the international student's interest & it will be assured that they dont fall prey to these fraud institutions.

  • Reporting to CIC: All designated Canadian Universities & Colleges will be required to provide the regularity reports of international students to Canadian Government on regular basis.

  • Post Study Work Permit (PSWP) Provision: Only those foreign students graduating for the approved Canadian Universities & Colleges will be eligible for Post Study Work Permit.

  • PSWP Eligibility: PSWP will only be offered to Full-time students, who had regularly attended a course of minimum EIGHT months which will lead to Certificate, Diploma or Degree. Those Students who are attending short term study programs which are less than 8 months OR language programs like English & French, preparatory programs & general interest courses will not be able to apply for PSWP.

  • Work Off-campus without Permit: All regular foreign students attending a course of minimum EIGHT months at any approved Canadian educational institutions & holding valid study visa/permit will not be required to apply for separate Off-Campus Work Permit, they will be allowed to work 20 Hours per week on their Student Visa itself, which means there will be NO waiting period of SIX months for newly landed international students in Canada, they can work On-Campus/Off-Campus immediately after registering with their designated University or College.

There have been some rumors about other changes in the requirement of Work Permit as mentioned below but please be aware that there are NO such official announcements from Canadian Government & international students need not worry about these rumors:

  • Need to get a Job within FOUR months after graduation otherwise have to leave Canada: There is NO such requirement so far (not even proposed), you will be required to apply for Post Study Work Permit (PSWP) within 90 days of graduation to maintain your legal status in Canada once your studies are over in Canada but you may apply for PSWP even if you do not have any job offer from any Canadian employer since PSWP is an Open Work Permit which does not restrict you to any particular employer or job.

  • Job needs to be relevant to the studies: Another rumor is that your proposed job needs to be relevant to your studies completed in Canada, this is also not true as PSWP is an Open Work Permit which does not restrict its holder to any particular job, industry or employer, you will be free to work at any designation, in any industry, at any location within Canada. Though, to be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residenceship under Canadian Experience Class (CEC) as an international student you need a Canadian Skilled Work Experience from a Managerial jobs, Professional jobs, Technical jobs OR skilled trades (NOC skill type 0, A, B) but it is not a requirement for Post Study Work Permit (PSWP).

About Canada | Facts | Education System | Why Canada? | Cost | Colleges | Universities | Student Partner Program (SPP)

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